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Why Using Jute Bags and Products is Beneficial?

September 17, 2015 / 2300 Views

The fact that plastic is extremely harmful for our nature is quite well known these days. As a result, people are opting for substitute material like cotton, non woven materials and jute. Now the popularity of jute made products are increasing.


Plastic is extremely harmful for our nature. As it is non bio degradable and can’t be recycled, it causes many a problems in nature. It obstructs drainage. It affects soil and thus farming. It is non reusable too.


jute wine bags


” Zest Tex International “ Participate in Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair at Expo Mart Greater Noida , Organised By EPCH ( Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts )


On the other hand, the environmentalists are preferring jute and cotton as the substitute material of plastic. The demand of jute and jute based products is increasing with every passing day. The jute bags manufacturers in India are toiling day and night to create these products. In a way they are helping to make the earth a better and greener place.


There are many benefits of jute bags and jute made products. Take a look.


Designing jute wine bags


Debabrata Chatterjee at Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair at Expo Mart Greater Noida


Air Cleansing :-


Jute plant is extremely helpful to retain a healthy pollution free air. One hector jute plant absorbs 15 tons of Carbon dioxide and releases 11 tons of oxygen in air.


Reduce Environment Pollution :-


Jute bags and jute related products help to combat the environment pollution. If the manufacturing of jute bag increases on a large scale, it is going to reduce the employment of plastic bags. It will result in reduction of pollution.


Since jute is durable and eco friendly material it can be used for several times unlike plastic. If jute bags manufacturers produce enough amounts of jute bags, environment will be extremely benefitted.




Debabrata Chatterjee at Expo Mart Greater Noida, India


Won’t Affect the Natural Oil Reserve :-


As a very few people know that plastic is actually manufactured from petroleum. When the nations are fighting over oil manufacturing, the use of jute bags will reduce the burden on natural oil reserve.




Expo Mart


Requires Small Place to Harvest and Increases Employment :-


Cotton is also becoming one of the most favoured fabrics amongst users as jute. But the only difference is that jute requires a very little place to be harvested. It is a win win situation in rural areas too. Jute manufacturing provides people with the chance to work. It gives birth to more employment in rural areas. The jute products are not costly. That is why it is becoming popular gradually.



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