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Why Using Jute Bags and Products is Beneficial?

The fact that plastic is extremely harmful for our nature is quite well known these days. As a result, people are opting for substitute material like cotton, non woven materials and jute. Now the popularity of jute made products are increasing.


Plastic is extremely harmful for our nature. As it is non bio degradable and can’t be recycled, it causes many a problems in nature. It obstructs drainage. It affects soil and thus farming. It is non reusable too.


jute wine bags


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On the other hand, the environmentalists are preferring jute and cotton as the substitute material of plastic. The demand of jute and jute based products is increasing with every passing day. The jute bags manufacturers in India are toiling day and night to create these products. In a way they are helping to make the earth a better and greener place.


There are many benefits of jute bags and jute made products. Take a look.


Designing jute wine bags


Debabrata Chatterjee at Indian Handicraft & Gift Fair at Expo Mart Greater Noida


Air Cleansing :-


Jute plant is extremely helpful to retain a healthy pollution free air. One hector jute plant absorbs 15 tons of Carbon dioxide and releases 11 tons of oxygen in air.


Reduce Environment Pollution :-


Jute bags and jute related products help to combat the environment pollution. If the manufacturing of jute bag increases on a large scale, it is going to reduce the employment of plastic bags. It will result in reduction of pollution.


Since jute is durable and eco friendly material it can be used for several times unlike plastic. If jute bags manufacturers produce enough amounts of jute bags, environment will be extremely benefitted.




Debabrata Chatterjee at Expo Mart Greater Noida, India


Won’t Affect the Natural Oil Reserve :-


As a very few people know that plastic is actually manufactured from petroleum. When the nations are fighting over oil manufacturing, the use of jute bags will reduce the burden on natural oil reserve.




Expo Mart


Requires Small Place to Harvest and Increases Employment :-


Cotton is also becoming one of the most favoured fabrics amongst users as jute. But the only difference is that jute requires a very little place to be harvested. It is a win win situation in rural areas too. Jute manufacturing provides people with the chance to work. It gives birth to more employment in rural areas. The jute products are not costly. That is why it is becoming popular gradually.


Give the extra effort to make you gift personalised and affordable

Jute wine bags can be the perfect personalized gift. These bags can be designed to carry the company logo making it a personalized gift as well as a promotional material. In case of family occasions, these jute bags can be designed with various shapes and bright colours.

Make your gift personalized :-

The confusion about which gift to take on any invitation is probably never going to end. The list goes on endlessly and varies from person to person. However, the importance of a personalized gift on any occasion is undeniable. A personalized gift goes a long way to create a special bond, build relationship and to make the person receiving the gift feel special. There are numerous option in the segment of a personalized gift as well, making it a difficult choice to pick something which will stand apart from the rest. A jute wine bag, thus, will be likely to leave the impression you wish for.


Jute wine bag as a great personalized gift :-

Jute wine bags are stylish and also useful. It is used to carry the wine bottle and gives the entire set a completely different as well as elegant look. Since are going through the trouble of picking up a jute wine bag, it is a good idea designing jute wine bags with your name, the name of the person who is receiving the gift, and a personalized message depending upon the occasion.


For official parties :-

In case of corporate parties, designing jute wine bags using your name, the name of the person whose part it is, inserting your company logo, name, website address and phone number, along with a personalized message apt for the situation will not only make the person receiving the gift feel special, but will also set your gift apart from the rest and providing enough visibility to your company. Designing jute wine bags with company logo and other information to be showcased as a personalized gift for any business party is one of the best way of discreetly marketing any company.

For family parties :-

In case of private parties, jute wine bags can be a wonderful personalized gift for someone who is passionate about wine and is a collector of the finest wines. Designing jute wine bags with attractive colours or motifs and prints makes it an added attraction in the pile of gifts. These bags are a really cheap option as well. The jute wine bags do not cost a fortune ad can be bought from any one of the major stores in the city.


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India – The top exporter of Jute Products all around the world

Jute bag exporters can be found in abundance as there are many jute manufacturers and jute producers all throughout India. There are tons of jute bags exporters from India.

zest tex international bag

Jute bag manufacturers in India are in abundance. The demand for jute products is huge all over the world as India has emerged as the top exporter of jute and jute related products like jute bags are known to be in demand. Exporters from India have seen a rise in demand for fabrics in the western and developed countries. India has been contributing to the world’s textile economy. There has been a sharp rise in the demand for jute products due to the fact that they produce jute bags and various other jute related products that are readily available through Indian producers and manufacturers.

Zest Tex International Jute Fabric Bags

The reason behind such huge demand is because of cheap labor, cheap production cost, and the quality of fabrics in comparison to other textile producing countries in the world. Textile industries are known to be one of the oldest industries along with the agricultural sector.  With the increase in exports from Indian, the list of purchasers is known to be increasing every year. India is the second largest producer of jute followed by China. Jute is a durable fiber with great strength and breathability. It is an eco-friendly fiber with 100% bio-degradable and qualities that are recyclable.

Zesttex Promotional Jute Bags

Majorly they are used to produce coverings, kurtas, rugs and jute bags. Jute is not the only product that you can find in retail outlets and online too. If you are located outside the country India and want to buy jute related products, then you could simply find a website online that is legitimate and known to be in high demand.

Jute industry looking towards a new day

Jute industry gaining clients :-

The jute industry was facing a downturn on a global scale, especially since most jute products were being replaced by the synthetic polymer products which was coming at an affordable rate. However, with the global trend shifting towards a greener society and denouncing the use of synthetic non-biodegradable items, the jute industry has found some breathing space. The corporate segment has also shifted its focus towards jute products in order to enhance their image in the society as a responsible organization and in a way also use these products in their branding strategy.


Jute bags as a global product :-

Among all the jute products available, the jute bags have created a huge buzz in the global market. The jute bags are lightweight, versatile, available in various designs and styles, and can be used for a number of purpose by both men and women alike. These jute bags currently come in various colours as well. One can even find jute bags with different designs printed or embroidered on the bags. The embroidered jute bags are available at some specific parts of India and are mostly exclusive to the Indian market. However, the printed jute bags are easier to manufacture and factories preparing these bags are available all over world.


USA as another major jute bag manufacturer :-

Outside India, one of the leading jute bags manufacturers can be found in USA. According to the jute bags manufacturers in USA, the high percentage of Indians working and residing in USA, as well as a major segment of the American population admiring the Indian products are their major clients. There are many business organizations as well who happen to be large clients of these jute bags manufacturers in USA. One can get a variety of jute bags in the USA market which are being manufactured in the country itself. The versatility and the eco-friendly nature of these bags have made these an instant hit.


Customised jute bags becoming the new trend :-

The business organizations are using the jute bags as a wonderful marketing tool. Customised jute bags suppliers in USA is receiving major orders from these corporate houses to create bags with the company logo and tagline. The customised jute bags suppliers in USA also has a client base consisting of people who wish to present personalised gifts to their near and dear ones. This changing client base has indeed helped in the revival of the jute industry.


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