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Buy minimalistic jute products and stay ahead in the game of style!

Many individuals out there are presently picking sustainability, their decisions over bags limits and disillusionment hit when they need to wrap their dazzling gifts in a dependable bag. Dump those old clichéd glossy wraps and go for these jute products with the moderate pretty design.


We are jute bag making business and our jute products bring you some really versatile patterns which are really head turner.

The sophistication that we bring in our jute products is exceptional and unmatchable. We use latest trends so we can stay ahead in the game of style. Absolute quality is what we are always looking for. Our every jute products are executed with utmost care. In our disposal, we have variations of size, color, patterns even we customise our product so it can accommodate you in a better way. Contact with us and present a gift to your dearest with your personal touch. Browse through our product and place your order. It’s simple as blinking an eye!

Let’s take a stand to help our mother nature by employing jute bags.

We the people are living in this world with all our required facilities. There are numerous different animals who can’t utilize the vast majority of the facilities which are accessible to us in this world. We never think about the conceivable results from utilizing these facilities. Presently the time has come to think forward to a positive future. At the point when at the first occasion we utilized fire numerous years back then, we never believed that it could hurt our environment.


Today we are using some elements which are continuously harming our environment. However, we are still using those materials! Plastic bags are a standout amongst the most hurtful thing in the rundown of red classification items. We have regular substitutes for plastic bags yet we are not utilizing them! Why? May be cheap cost would be a purpose behind utilizing it. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we see just cheap value one day nature will lose its balance. So this is the last minute to consider this worldwide issue that, might we utilize plastic bags or not.

Zesttex is a Kolkata based Eco friendly jute bag and cotton bag manufacturing  company, we supply trendy Eco friendly jute shopping bags, jute promotional bags, jute gift bag,  jute printed bag,  jute fancy bag,  jute beach bag,  jute embroidery bag,  cotton bag, cotton promotional bag, cotton printed bag etc to the world.  which is the best substitute of plastic bags. It costs higher than plastic bags.  However, in the event that you get it, then you can utilize it at least 150 days and you can spare both cash and the earth. Zesttex is a green organization in India and doing this extraordinary job of exporting these important items all through the globe. We should spread this news to all edges of the world so everyone can accept this open door for utilizing Eco-friendly items rather than plastic bags. So please try to remain conscious and settle on a conscious choice to spare our lovely earth!


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