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Growing Jute bags manufacturers business and why India is leading as jute bags exporters.

Amid ever-growing awareness regarding the uses of plastic bags, particularly in the European Union, Indian jute bags manufacturer and “jute bags exporters are transporting more than millions of jute bags each year and as per various jute exporters survey the trend will continue to rise. ZestTex is one of the best jute bags manufacturer as well as jute bags exporters, who are exploiting this pattern. We believe that our produced jute products or jute bags could stand to oppose to use of plastic bags, worldwide.

The National jute board export index shows that various jute bags manufacturers have raised their production, and with that much of the finished product we are witnessing expanding businesses of multiple jute bags exporter organizations.  The same index also suggesting that the large numbers of jute bags exported most part of the Europe and surrounding nations.

With the huge jute products coming out from Jute bags manufacturers. The production of this jute product, which is for the most part in the small business scale and small Jute bags manufacturers have also picked up their production line to compete with the whales in the jute bags exporters businesses.

The opportunity:

The Jute bags manufacturers industry and the “jute bags exporters market are still in a beginning stage. However, Indian business visionaries in this line of business trust that it is an immense open door for them. This is on account of they don’t see real rivalry or test from any other nation. Not even from the jute-developing nation of Bangladesh. The reason behind it is that they lack behind the up to date manufacturing units, though they have plenty of raw materials, so those countries don’t come out on top as Jute bags manufacturers as well as jute bags exporters.

Benefits to India Manufacturing:

It is currently known all through the world that because of the normal rule of industrialization and wealth creation labor costs are ascending in China. The discussion of the option to look for Jute bags manufacturers is not something that can be disregarded anymore. Obviously, a few operations are coming back to the US and Europe, yet a large portion of them are remaining in Asia.

India is quickly turning into that Asian nation, which is drawing in more business because of this. In India, there are labor and raw material favorable circumstances, and in addition quickly developing a foundation for Jute bags manufacturers. The list doesn’t end there-different advantages are there also in India to further become a crucial player in the jute bags exporters industry. For ZestTex, a Jute bags manufacturers organization and jute bags exporters which produce on a worldwide scale and are thinking about investigating the potential outcomes of how India can enhance the Jute bags manufacturers organization or business, here are a couple of focal points which can be to a great degree helpful.

Raw material: Jute bags manufacturer’s facilities in India are sticklers about testing, retesting, and in addition, guaranteeing that the crude materials they get are precisely as they ought to be. For instance, one has a metal project. At that point, one should consider adding India to the worldwide inventory network, as different metals are local to this area. Such key sourcing will pay off over the long haul for Jute bags manufacturers or jute bags exporter’s business.

Labour: India has bunches of specialists and workers. To add to this many are bilingual. A great 225 million Indian occupants communicate in English, as of November 2014. Also, a working power of 500 million+ gifted and unskilled laborers positively are a shelter for Jute bags manufacturers. What’s more? An astounding 12 million individuals are entering India’s workforce every year.

ZestTex is one of the leading industries in Jute bags manufacturers and jute bags exporter’s business. Our dream is to gift a green world to our children’s, so come and joins us to make our planet greener. To know more, please contact us. We are here to answer your call 24*7.

The advantages you get if you use canvas bag from ZestTex a wholesale jute bags supplier.

ZestTex International is one of the famous canvas bag makers making large numbers of eco-friendly products. This canvas bag organization gives a higher-end other option to the more easygoing casual canvas totes normally accessible in the market. It’s unquestionably an awesome choice on the off chance that you’ve been searching for a lightweight, and additionally, all around built tote. It can fit in similarly well at a formal place like an office or a casual one like the end of the week informal breakfast. You can actually browse an ample of colors.

These cheap canvas totes from jute bags manufacturers like ZestTex are great to need to kick around like for a quick grocery trip or a yoga class. This is truly the bag that I swing to when I need the catch-all characteristics of a canvas tote, and in the meantime need to look somewhat more put together. The best thing about it is that it can suit any event, regardless of whether I’m going out to dinner or for a work session at the neighborhood cafe.

The product produced inside ZestTex’s factory is 100% natural and it provides quality assurance, as you expect from a well know company or brand. The canvas is sufficiently firm so the bag can stand up alone. To add to that it looks brand new even following a couple of long stretches of general use.

The body of the canvas bags is produced using a water-repellent canvas. This aide in building up a nice looking patina of scrapes, and in addition, scratches as you keep on using it. A regular bag from a wholesale jute bags supplier like ZestTex looks significantly more costly contrasted with its shabby cost alongside the huge amounts of compliments that you will get. If you need more information feel free to contact us at any given time!

Go out with jute bags or jute products & get a trendy makeover in this Durga puja.

Jute is a sort of plant. The strands of the plant are utilized to make fibber. The fibber is utilized for making a considerable measure of items inside jute bags exporters manufacturing hub, for example, different sorts of jute products, canvas bags, non woven bags, ornamental things, wall hangings, garments and more. Green jute bags are valuable to us, as they don’t hurt the climate; they are reusable and biodegradable.


Many individuals particularly youthful stars are moving to jute bags and jute products for various reasons. The progressing pattern is everywhere throughout the nation, and so, a few altered Jute bags manufacturers are thinking in imaginative styles and colors. You can get in vogue jute bags in this Durga Pujo and be somewhat more capable to spare our earth.

There are such huge numbers of jute products, plans, sizes, and hues accessible in regard to jute bags. Check out underneath specified jute bags and pick your desired one.

Tote bags: Jute tote bags are credible, convenient and come in various sizes and hues from Jute bags manufacturers like ZestTex. The state of the bag is square or rectangular, and the frequent tote bag is planned with clever messages, eye-candy prints, comic prints, and more. Settle on a strong shading jute tote sack with your flower print top or striped kurta for Saptami for an enchanting impact.

Clutch or ladies carry bag: Generally, jute clutch/ladies bags are ideal for Indian Ethnic clothing types. On the off chance that you are wearing an ornamented saree on Ashtami/Navami night, you can consider beautified jute grasp bags or designer clutch bags. Jute clutch bags are extraordinary and you can stand out in the crowd with a popular jute clutch or ladies carry bag.

Jute handbags: Jute handbags are bigger, water safe, and you can carry your entire world taken care of. In the event that you are going out for pandal hopping with your companions for an entire day, you should convey basic things. Jute handbags come in different eye-candy plans and can be matched with Indian and western outfits.

ZestTex is one of the best Jute bags manufacturers, situated in Kolkata and we want to see that in this Durga puja our divas go out with a choice of style. If you are looking forward to making it happen then go through our products and if you have any doubt about our product, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available here 24*7 to answer your queries. A warm wish for upcoming Durga puja to everyone from ZestTex!

Trendy and Eco-Friendly Jute Bags and jute products to attract one and all

Jute bags or jute products, these days have turned out to be very well known among people because of their majestic outline, lively color, countless size, shapes, cost viability, and grimness. Aside from rendering a conventional look, the jute products from jute bags manufacturers look to a great degree tasteful and in vogue. Amazing weaving work with wonderful beads and laces influence them to look considerably grander and a stylish. Numerous outlets and handiworks store offers an extensive variety of jute bags and accessories to its clients. They have increased tremendous prominence since they are strong, skin inviting, biodegradable and Eco-friendly.


These bags from jute bag manufacturing company come in different specialties like shopping bags, handbags, limited time bags, tote bags so on and can be effectively utilized for official purposes as well. These days jute bags and various jute products are been utilized as a contrasting option to the plastic bags since they offer awesome points of interest over them. For example, conveying vegetables and other staple things in jute bags shields them from ultraviolet beams in this manner holding its freshness.

The fashion world has additionally made a stride towards propelling style with the subject to “Become environmentally friendly”. The market has jute handbags, as well as other jute products, enhancing textures, footwear, ropes, welcoming cards and so on.

Jute is famously known as the golden fabric since it is a natural fabric that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. For weaving purpose jute fabrics does not need any kind of bleaching procedure. The texture renders a soft touch and is exceptionally skin friendly.

ZestTex holds one of the largest collections of fashionable jute products. Our design team always looking towards building a product that will fit your need without ruining your style. Our jute bags and jute products will add an eco-friendly touch to your charming look. Go to our product page and look for the product you want. If you have any query, then contact us now, we are here to answer your every doubts and question 24*7.


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