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Social Work

We at Zest Tex International believe in services that truly deal with the God’s way. With such perfection of our aphorism, we manage our services stressing more upon the qualities and measuring not only the junctures in profit. Within the strands of limited capacity, we want to touch the sky just by making ourselves much more nearing to the same. Our services are well committed with the slogan which typically serves betterment to the societal issues maintaining it to the happier tomorrow. We can feel that such contributions only work accordingly to a little interface and not more deal to evacuate such adversaries from life. But at the same time, we feel that our confident step towards such recognition is the best way out to deal with eradicating such practices from existence…if it is not possible today then may be tomorrow- the results are for sure to attain our ways encouraging success.

We are committed to serve among the people in our town or other place who really need some support specifications so as to ascertain their existence measuring daily needs in a much decent manner. We want to eradicate starvation relating to death from our country; people should not starve for their existence is the mission which runs with our services. Our services also deal with some of the other adversaries in this worldly state of life, relating to the children who are suffering from Thalassemia Disease, deprived from the education facilities or are highly subdued by the pangs of child health problems. Closely stated, it can be said that these are the fundamental cruelties in life and they can truly be eradicated with the proper support of humanity. It is the firm ground of recognition pairing with the monetary assistance which can truly benefit such worst conditions to a better step towards life.

As an independent bag manufacturing firm, we produce bags which are earnest with their quality and specific enough with the practices of maintaining natural standards. We manufacture bags that are highly perfected with natural elements and are typical with their services- leading to strong message conveying techniques related to the eradication of pollution. We convey our services along the specifications of any social work organization or just maintaining direct techniques in providing the utmost support to the sufferers & eradicating such diseases from the country. From the sale of each piece of bags, we will keep INR Rs. 0.15 P. and that amount will be delivered to the sufferers in our society- just with the facilitative assistance of any social work organization or getting directly into such services. With such perfection of services, we believe that one day will come when such adversaries in the life of people suffered existence will bow down their weapons in order to respond towards the lining of the better tomorrow. Such dreams can be fulfilled as they are nearing us…perfected with the united applications of your assistance and our confidence.